Table of Contents

    Everything that you need to know about this place for the first baby steps inside.

Basic Facts
Some basic facts and slang about some of the supernatural creatures in some of our series.

Spirits and Creatures
More information about some the supernatural creatures in some of our series.

TZA Dictionary
Dictionary of the slang around here.

Hierarchy of species in the supernatural world.

Weapons with in the TZA universe.

Medicines and Poisons
Medicines and Poisons in the TZA universe.

Plants in the TZA universe.

Lucifer's Family Tree
Lucifer/Satan's family tree in Jasper's stories.

Campus Polices
What will and will not tolerate on this proud campus called Tokyo-Zion Academy.

This and That
Random little tidbits that we were too lazy to slip in anywhere else.

The timeline of the supernatural in the TZA Universe.