TZA Dictionary

    Kathryn: Confused on our terms, eh? Well, here's help:

Apple: Elf/immortal romance

Brown Sugar: Android/ supernatural romance

Brownie: Elf/elf romance

Bubble Gum: Immortal/demon romance

Cake: Android/android romance

Caramel: Alien/alien romance

Cherry: Elf/demon romance

Chocolate: Vampire/human romance

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Angel/immortal romance

Chocolate Strawberry: Android/human romance

Cinnamon: Demon/human lime

Complex: Relationship/pairing

Cookie: Angel/angel romance

Ginger: Immortal/human lime

Grape: Demon/demon romance

Fudge: Spirit/spirit romance

Hard Candy: Half breed/full supernatural romance

Honey: Angel/human romance

Incest: Close family member romance

Joy-Riding: Rumble in the sheets

Lemon: See joy-riding

Lime: Rape

Marshmallow: Cat person/human romance

Mate: A lover. There are types of mates:

Erotic Mates: Mates that are together sexually

Acquaintance Mates: Innocent kissy-kissy mates

Mint: Angel/demon romance

Mint Chocolate: Elf/angel romance

Molasses: See fudge

Muse: A follower or an admirer

Nutmeg: Spirit/human romance

Peach: Vampire/demon romance

Pecan Pie: Cat person/supernatural romance

Pie: Alien/human romance

Plum: Half breed/half breed romance

Raspberry: Vampire/vampire romance

Red Fudge: Vampire/spirit romance

Rock Candy: Immortal/human romance

Shoujo-Ai: Girl love

Shounen-Ai: Boy love

Soft Candy: Half breed/full human romance

Strawberry: Elf/vampire romance

Sugar: Human/human romance

Sugar Frosting: Demon/human romance

Syrup: Immortal/immortal romance

Taffy: Cat person/cat person romance

Tart: Alien/supernatural romance

Vanilla: Supernatural/child romance

White Chocolate: Elf/human romance

Yaoi: Guy/Guy romance

Yuri: Girl/Girl romance