Medicines and Poisons

    Here are all of the medicines and poisons so far.

Aquabara: Juice from the Crystal Flower, this medicine is the strongest care known to man.

Crywhiswind: A thick clear medicine, this liquid is used to cure a fever up to 104º. Found in leaves of a Candice tree.

Fire water: Deadly and addictive, this hazy scarlet colored wine can kill a demon in eight glasses. No affect on immortals.

Helen Bara: Juice from Witch Hair, this medicine is used for diseases caused by demon possession.

Lukeworm: Found in the roots of the Candice tree, this medicine is used for upset stomachs.

Red Kisses: The women's poison, after the females bathe in the aquila lake, they put this harmless poison on their lips. One kiss from their lover along with some sweet talk and the man is theirs for the night.

Rover: Hailing from India, this poison is strong enough to put an immortal in a coma.

Saint's Blood: More deadly than fire water, this wine, when too much is drunken, is strong enough to kill an immortal.

Shumboy: A liquid gas poison, Shumboy will make your eyes bleed if it leaks out.

Sweet Water: A sweet-tasting wine with an immortal's blood in it, sweet water can turn a mortal into an immortal.

Witch Water: A sour-sweet wine with an angel's blood in it, it has the ability to make a mean person nice.

Worm Root: Found in the root of a Dew Drop tree, this medicine can cure any disease.