Spirits and Creatures

    Here is our directory of mystic creatures in the TZA Universe. Everything you need to know from A-Z.


Abanji: Abanji are dead souls that won't accept their death and wonder the living realm until they do. They have chains on their wrists to let humans and other mystics know they are dead.

Akaiya: Clever and sly, these black, white, and purple cat creatures transform into this beautiful human-like form and seduce humans into love.

Angels: Spiritual workers of the boss, they live with him in heaven. There are traditional, Asian, and pixie angels. There are also guy angels.

Anoga: AKA as the demon of the sea, this creature is a sea bluish green 2,480,010 foot long sea dragon. This monster will rip your head off and your body into until no remains are left. When happy, the anoga is in a beautiful human like form.

Aphro Tiger: A beautiful black and white beast, this creature will pin victims down, sink its claw into the back of their necks, and drain its poison into them until they unconscious. When the victim awakes, they become horny and lustful. This tiger works for those of the pure and sexual love.

Aquacorn: Half goat-half fish, this goatfish loves swimming and eating grass.

Arabasu: AKA as Satan's dogs, they come out at night and tear your body into pieces. They are savage animals. The dogs only seek flesh and blood.

Arinal: Old and mean, these fiery sheep are stubborn and will attack at anytime.

Boka: Ghost-like demon, the boka lives in the woods and come out at night. They have the ability to shape shift into other demon and people.

Bone Dragon: Horniest of all the Chinese zodiac, the bone dragon will get into another creature's body, find the heart, bite a chunk out of it, fill the heart with its venom of lust, and lick the wound closed. The victim then becomes horny and lustful. The dragon also loves to possess people to make them horny. Aphrodite's helper/pet, they love to serve those of the sexual love.

Catapa: Buff-looking creatures, the catapa turns into a rough panther when it looks up at a full moon. Always looks for mates to reproduce.

Celestial Dragon: A spirit of pure and sexual love, this dragon in made of stars. Guardian of the pure immortal and strong demon class, the celestial dragon is related to the bone dragon.

 Cinnamon Cancer: Small and brownish red, this crab is very clever and charming. Pissushi and Cinnamon cancers are born together. Legend has it, that when the pissushi cinnamon cancer collide and become one, those under the Pisces and cancer signs become stronger, lustful, and romantic. The crab's meat is thin and sour rotten. And its shell is as hard as a diamond.

Cinnasushi: The combination of pissushi and cinnamon cancer, this creature has the body of a fish and the legs and claws of a crab. their powers are pure and sexual love, water, hope, light, purity, and soul. Although the meat is paper thin and poisonous, they are a pretty sight.

Colordrill: Unlike their vicious cousins, the arabus, the colordrill are nice and loyal. Easily mistaken for their cousin sometimes.

Deercorn: A deer with unicorn's head on its head, it is a rare animal. Those who kill this creature for its horn, turn completely evil. The horn can be used as medicine or aphrodisiac.

Devil Monkey: Mischievous and troublesome, these monkeys have red wings, a red face, and will fly down and attack anyone in sight.

Dream-chi: Dream spirits similar to wind, tenshi, and oni-chi. They like humans only purer and more clueless. Dream-chi look like humans as well.

Elves: Wise and fair looking, elves have been around since creation. They can't die or grow old but they can be killed. There are fire, water, earth, air, light, and dark elves.

Fate: Beautiful yet deadly, Fate must always have her eyes closed and be blindfolded to hide her eyes of rage. When Fate's eyes are open, chaos and destruction follow.

Gematen: A beautiful celestial spirit, they are as strong as angels and live in the skies. Also they are spirit twins.

Goma: Half catapa and half gematen.

Iio snake: Black and horny, this serpent serves those for the sexual love. Unlike the bone dragon, the Iio snake puts pure love before lust. They use their powers the same way the bone dragon does.

Kamimortal: Kamimortal are spirit creatures with a spirit's power and a mortal's body. When they are wounded, their wounds heal quickly and when they die, they come back to life. High value.

Lupus: Ghost wolf, these wolves come out at night and eat cattle. They can bring down an animal eight times their size. People friendly.

Nonsoul: A woman with no face, Nonsoul wanders the earth in melancholy and distress. She takes on many forms.

Nymphs: Minor spirits of forests, water, life, and death that look like beautiful women and teenage girls.

Oni-chi: Counter-parts of tenshi-chi, oni-chi are made from demons themselves. They are wild cruel, and just like tenshi-chi in appearance and strength. There are four types: dark, earth, air, and hate. Oni-chi love the night.

Penrabbit: Luckiest of all Chinese zodiac, these rabbits are wanted for the luck and power they bring to their owners.

Phyro Boar: A pig covered in flames, this boar runs wild through the villages at night. When dead, its meat is rich and juicy.

Pinser Cock: Proud and cocky, this bird will attack anyone and anything at the slighted of movement.

Pissushi: Big beautiful shiny fish, one blue and the other green, the pissushi can be found in fresh and sea water. Don't count on eat these fish, they are mostly scale and bone, and their meat is thin, oily, and poisonous. Only owned by humans born under the Pisces sign, these are the rarest fish in the world.

Rajen: Rajen are unborn souls that have left heaven and are living on earth until they are born. They don't eat, all they drink is milk and water.

Salt Rat: Small and prolific, these rats like salt, rice, corn, starch foods, straw, cotton, and salty foods. Weakest of the Chinese zodiac but real clever.

Sirens: Beautiful oni women who will defend sacred and holy sites and buildings.

Spirit Horse: A sign for new life, this never grows old or dies. They bring babies and heal the sick and dying. Only way they die is if you cut off their head.

Steel Ox: Grey and strong, the animal can knock down a full forest of trees. Real peaceful.

Stone sheep: Peace keepers of the mountain, these grey-specked mammals will banish one's sorrow and anger.

Sumleo: Hot and golden, this lion loves meat and will kill anything to get it.

Sun scorpion: Silent but deadly, this scorpion's poison is strong enough to kill an immortal when threatened. For the sexual love, its venom is used for aphrodisiacs when comfortable with its surroundings and people.

Tarusbull: Made of stars, this celestial bull protects all of the young dreamers and lovers.

Tenshi-chi: Easily mistaken as angels, tenshi-chi are made from angels themselves. They are weaker, gentle, and look more humans with wings. There are four types: light, fire, water, and love. Tenshi-chi act like humans only purer.

 Virgan: Virgin spirits, these lovely sprits look for true love.

Wind-chi: Wind spirits similar to tenshi and oni-chi. They like humans only purer. Wind-chi look like humans as well.