Basic Facts

    All that you need to know for starters. We will probably add a little more as we go along. Stick around that.


-Cannot enter hell or they will die

-Can't eat sweets, if they do, they die

-Have seven chakas: One in each of their arms, one in each of their legs, one in their stomach, in their chest, and nape. (Except for Sakura, her seventh chaka is between her legs for the virgin curse.)

-Eat little meat

-Have one shin heart (except for fighters, they have two, and Sakura has one and a half shin heart)

-Under the virgin curse if they sleep with someone

-Born first two days of January


-Cannot enter heaven or they will die

- Eat heavy amount of food

-Have seven chakas: One in each of there arms, legs, stomach, chest, and nape. (Except for KuroSakura, Her seventh one is the same as her counterpart, Sakura, mentioned above.)

-Have one meek heart

-Fight in wars

-Get their energy from the moon

-Born two years after tenshi-chi the first two days January


-Wind Chi mostly have girls

-Only ten male wind chi are born every leap year

-Only three of those ten boys live past their second birthday

-Only when a wind chi breeds with another species, a boy baby is born and lives a long life span

Some Little Animal Personality Stats

Rabbits: People (especially women) who are pure bishounen/bishoujo and extremely lucky. Innocent little things to say for the least bit.
Example: Sakura Tenshi and Belldandy

Other Rabbits:
Sakura Kinomoto

Dogs: Lecherous people who delight themselves in lust.
Examples: Kuroito and Miroku

Other Dogs:


Foxes: Same as dogs, only more manipulative with their seduction.
Examples: Foxtrot and Urd

Other Foxes:
Megumi Takani

Ferrets: Hyper people (especially kids) who are happy-go-lucky, clumsy, and talkative.
Examples: Cherry and Ed

Other Ferrets:

Wolves: Cold-hearted, cruel, ruthless, loner people.
Examples: Francesca and Tsume

Others Wolves:
Kiba (No puns intended for Tsume and Kiba, of course.)

Badgers: Consistent fight people and are short-tempted.
Examples: Frankie and Ayeka

Other Badgers:

Yao Wang/China

Raccoons: Short-tempted, emotionally fragile people who to be close to someone despite the brave front that they put up in public.
Example: Kaoru Kamiya

Other Raccoons:

Panthers: Cool and collected people, but they tend to rush into action and chase the thrill.
Example: Spike Spiegel

Other Panthers:
Taichi Yagami


Weasels: People who are hyper and like to fight, but are fiercely loyal to the one they love.
Example: Misao Makimachi

Other Weasels:

Roosters: People who fight and are rather lazy, but they are a good ally to have in a tight pinch
Examples: Sanosuke Sagara and Lina Inverse

Pandas: People who are calm and don't like fighting. They would just rather keep people around them happy.
Examples: Ume Isamu and Eros

Other Pandas:

*Some of the students and staff here can be more than one animal depending on what type of situation they are in.