All of the information the weapons are here.


Acorona's Harp: A pearl white harp with strings of gold, all the musician has to do is play a lullaby on this harp and the enemy will fall into a deep sleep.

Black Copper: Shaped like coins, these small bombs are powerful. All you have to do is throw them up and when they land, they explode.

Cannon Gun: Big and bulky, these guns are only used by professional. These guns have great accuracy, strong powder, and give off powerful shots. The scent of the powder will get on your hair, skin, and clothes when you use the cannon gun.

Demon Whistle: This green whistle has the power to control demons.

Dream Key: Gold and small, this key can take people into different dream worlds.

Electric Gun: Long and white, this gun's purpose is to shut down targeted electrical energy.

Energy Coins: This charges powers by +10. There are water, fire, thunder, grass, normal, and physic energy coins.

Fan: It's just a huge fan to hit objects with.

Fire Sticks: With fire locked within in it, these sticks are a strong weapon. When opened, shook and twirled about, and thrown at the target, the fire sticks will explode with a spark and fire show following the explosion.

Flower Disk: This blue flower-shaped disk is sharp enough to cut through anything.

Gabriel's Arrow: An arrow dripped in fire blood, when it hits an object, it will be into complete ash.

Glitter Dust: Used like make-up, the glitter will make user invisible.

Gold Spike Shooter: This gun may look like a BB gun, but this pencil light weapon will suck away any energy it touches.

Hakucho Flute: A long gold and blue flute, when played, the hakucho can drain souls away.

Health Cards: Don't be fool by the name! These pretty cards with Japanese characters on them are deadly! If one card got on the skin, it will burn like crazy!

Hynes Blood Dragger: A golden dragger, this will bring an immortal to their death. This blade is covered with the blood of a hynes.

Kitsune Reaper: A long white sword that destroys evil demons from their human victims.

Laser Lime: A pretty lime colored laser gun that turns anything into dust.

Leather Strap Gun: Brown with a leather strap attached to it, you have to pull the strap to fire.

Pepper Bombs: Little black shells, if go off, a cloud of pepper goes off.

Poison Beetles: Little beetles filled with a poison called wood-rhode. They are only used in war. Can also be used as medicine.

Pretty Choker: Black and decked with pearls, this choker has the ability to change a girl or woman into an attractive siren.

Razor Gun: A gun that has black powder in it that when shot out, anything it touches becomes dust.

Rubik's Cube: This may look like one of those cube puzzles, but it's really a camera.

Snakes Wires: Thin black strings of electric wire, snag it between somewhere, results are fatal.

Spirit Cards: Used as key to different portals, some of the spirits in cards will awake and be at your command. There are normal, physic, grass, thunder, fire, and water.

String Bow: Works like a bow and arrow except you have to pull the string with your teeth.

Sun Bombs: Big yellow bombs, these things will blow anything up. The brighter the bomb, the more powerful.

Sword of Doom: A black sword that can send a soul to hell with just one swipe.

Sword of Hawk Fire: 100% real crystal, this sword can cut through anything and everything. Extremely rare and powerful. Made by the elves, this is covered in a poisonous power called BJ82 as known as ghost acid used for drugs.

Yellow Horn Gun: Small but deadly, this black and yellow gun takes a minute to get the bullet out after you pull the trigger. The bullets are covered with BJ82.