Here are all of the plants in the Tokyo-Zion Academy Universe.

Candice Tree: With white leaves and black, this tree can hold a whole ocean full of water inside it. Its fruit is mysterious, sweet, and always ripe. The tree can survive the toughest winter and can't be cut down. Unless you have a certain ax.

Clarence: Green plants with purple flowers, this herb is used for medicine.

Crystal Flower: Used for healing, this clear flower is found at the bottom of the Aquila lake. It is the strongest cure know to man.

Dewdrop Tree: AKA as the "tree of life", this tree can bring new life to the barren. With one drop of its mist, the dead come back to life. A rare tree.

Dreaming Tree: With its pale colored leaves, this tree represents hope. When hope dies, the dreaming tree dies.

Jackal: Found under the most nourished of trees, when this plant blooms, it spreads a fatal disease. This plant doesn't die.

Jenie Tree: Bent over like it's praying, this tree is used for religious prayer.

Kilawna: A brown to blackish green color, these prickly weeds are poisonous even when you touch it. Found near jackal plants.

Passion Tree: AKA the tree of seduction, couples confess their true love to each other under this tree, make love later that night, and purpose in the morning. Those who are for sexual and pure love get power from this tree. Its fruit has a secret aphrodisiacs in it.

Rootworm: Thick brown and green root that is used for medicine.

Star Bucks Tree: Beautiful tree, it's big ruby red fruit is so juicy that the juice will leak when it is held.

Witch Hair: Said to be Helen's hair, this grass is pale and moist. It grows under dead trees. Used for medicine.

Yana: A look-like to the mustard plant, this plant is medicine and poison all mixed into one! It burns  your throat and chest at first, but then it's not that bad. Used to heal snake bites and colds.