This and That

    A page for all of the things we were too lazy to put anywhere else.

Vampire Fortune Cards

Aphrodite Holding an Ivory Heart: Love/Lover

White Cross: Baby

Foot Crushing a snake: Vengeance

Cupid in Vines: Adultery/Affair

Loin's Severed Head: Dead High Power

Bull in a Tree: Betrayal

Boar Hanging in a Tree: Wealth

Hera on her Throne: Power

Overflowing Pot of Blood: War and Destruction

Ares in a Chariot: Victory

Hanging Man Screaming: Defeat

Bear Eating a Seal: Innocence Lost

Hand with Dagger in it: Crime

Rooster on a Dock: Enemy is Near

Girl Holding a Floating Clock: Peace

(All turned upside down): Misfortune


Naughty Little Angel

Where: Ginza Center

Store Type: Intimate Appeal

Merchandise: Silky lacy underwear, sexy costumes, "fun toys", beauty products, naughty little candies, "self-help" books, sexy novels, sexy diaries, DVDs, candies, "love kits", CDs, tapes, and feminine protection

Love Kits:

Love Kit Names:


Where: Ginza Center

Store Type: Female's clothes

Merchandise: Clothes for teenage girls and small women

Alice Gin

Where: Ginza Center

Store Type: Liquor Store

Merchandise: Sake, wine, beer, vodka, lites, rum, virgins, and coolers

Tokyo-Zion Academy Campus Stores

Tech Mouse: Technology store

Atlas: Book store

Mulberry: Fruit store

Sweeties: Candy store

Suds: Laundromat

Seaside: Pool and movie theater

Cho-Kim: Asia-specialty store

Snack bars

Hair Salon


"Sea Angel" Myth

Shuichi's girlfriend's futon

Bemmer's Art

Ellen's House

Card Game

Black Wizard Jack


3 decks of any type of cards

4 players

Each player gets six per hand

Each player has to get a stack that equals twenty-eight or thirty-two. Anything higher, they lose automatically. Anything lower, draw more cards, Lay out your hands.

Passwords to unlock animal forms:

Evil Dayes, Bacchus, Tumid, Beelzebub, Thammuz, Astoreth, and Astarte