Lucifer's Family Tree

    Jasper made this family tree for Lucifer for a short saga that she plans to write in the near future.

Creation Era (BC years-1 AD):
Lucifer + Bayu =

Blood Black Era (1301-1750)
Lucifer + Bayu = Lust

Lucifer: (Born: 100,000,000,000,000 BC)
Bayu: (Born: 100,000,000,000,000 BC)
Irani: (
Born: 100,000 BC)
Lust: (Born: 1616)

Lucifer and Bayu had a common law marriage while he was living in Heaven before his fall. There might be evidence that they are still married under this law in Heaven and the paperwork is considered a lost document. Years later, Lucifer kidnapped Bayu and her son and took them to Hell with him. He kept them there for years under God ordered her to release them both. So, Bayu and Irani live in Heaven while Lust lives with Lucifer in Hell. There is proof there Lucifer still loves Bayu, but they can't be together anymore because he is married and they are two different species. Lucifer was still an angel at the time and Bayu is an angel, but the father was a devil when Lust was born.

Honey Era (2 AD-1300):
Lucifer + Lei Kayako
= Leo, Jim, and Aven

Lei Kayako: (Born: 1250-1278)
Leo: (Born: 1268)
Jim: (Born: 1270)
Aven: (Born: 1272)

Lucifer and Lei Kayako were married in 1271 until her death in 1278. He tricked her into marrying him out of boredom. Kayako died under mysterious circumstances on December 27th. Her death was never cleared up as a murder or an accident. The boys are all scattered through out Asia and nobody really knows much about them. Kayako was a human and Lucifer is a devil.

Repression Era (1901-1945) and (Heavenly Era) (1946-1970)
Lucifer + Madonna = Camon, Judas, Aon, Nicky, Winnami, and Holly

Madonna: (Born 1899)
Camon (1939)
Judas (1941)
Aon (1943)
Nicky (1944)
Winnami (1945)
Holly (1948)

Lucifer and Madonna were married in 1939. Lucifer kidnapped and married Madonna just before Akasha started the great Supernatural War. In order to keep her there, he repeatedly got her pregnant six times. Finally, Lucifer had to force him to give her back to Heaven. All six children live in Hell and the Living Realm. Madonna is an angel and Lucifer is a devil.

(Heavenly Era) (1946-1970)
Lucifer +
Yayoi = Angi

Yayoi (1940)
Angi (1967)

(Heavenly Era) (1946-1970)
Lucifer +
Ami = Nicole

Ami (1942)
Nicole (1969)

Lucifer never married Yayoi and Ami. He just played around with them both and got them pregnant two years apart. Yayoi never liked Ami very much and treated her rather badly. In fact, she is suspected of causing her death in the end. Shortly after Ami's death, Lucifer dumped Yayoi and had her exiled further up into Hell. Despite the past, Angi and Nicole get along rather well. Angi lives in Hell with Nicole lives in the Living Realm. Ami is an angel and Lucifer and Yayoi are devils.

(Pre-Exile) (1971-2000)
Lucifer +
Temperance = Jack and Pi

Temperance (1957)
Jack (1998)
Pi (2000)

Lucifer and Temperance were married in 1977. They are still married to this day, in fact. Both boys can inherit the kingdom of Hell because they are boys and pure-blooded demons. Naturally, Jack and Pi live in Hell with their parents. Lucifer and Temperance are devils.