Tsukiko: City Demon Hunter

Ohayoo. Welcome to Developmental Psychology class. I am Noizchild and I'll be your sensei. This is where my series, Tsukiko: City Demon Hunter, is. Enjoy the class.

Summary: On the surface, thirty-two year old Tsukiko Yoshida is your typical suburban mother. Widowed with three children. But unknown to them, she is a powerful demon hunter named Yoko. Tsukiko/Yoko lived a peaceful life until the barrier between the living and the dead was destroyed. That's only half of the deal. The Hunter Society wants Yoko to return to the land of the dead forever and leave her life forever. Now, Tsukiko/Yoko has to save the world and keep  up with her daily life. All while dealing with two men, gorgeous dental hygienist Ichigo and Rozo, captain of the Bi-Kaze Demon Hunting clan, after her widowed heart.

10/6/17: I fixed the pictures and music.

12/10/08: I have added music and a picture.

8/24/08: I have colored the scroll bars.

5/7/07: I have added the students and the weapons.

5/5/07:  We're have here!!!


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