The Students

Tsukiko Yoshida/Yoko:

Age: 32 (But really 2,000)

Occupation: Mother/Demon Hunter

Weapon: Kantana and fire

    On the surface, Tsukiko is a typical widowed mother. She likes to cook, garden, she helps her kids with their homework, all while keeping her looks. But unknown to her own children, Tsukiko is a powerful demon hunter named Yoko. She was part of the fire clan until she fell in love with a human and married. Tsukiko is a shy and modest woman who is content with her calm slightly hectic life. But now, she has to pick up her sword and fight demons while handling her daily life with two suitors on her hands!

Bara Yoshida:

Age: 16

Occupation: High School Student

    Bara is Tsukiko's oldest daughter. She has sworn not to date until her mother remarries. But that doesn't stop the boys at her school from pursuing this young aspiring fashion designer. So what to do? What to do? Bara is on a personal mission to get her mom a boyfriend. But now, she's starting to suspect her mother's little secret...

Seita Yoshida:

Age: 12

Occupation: Junior High School Student

    Seita is Tsukiko's older son. He is a young rebel. The boy was close to his father until he died. But when it is all said and done, Seita is like to a queen with his mother.

Akira Yoshida:

Age: 10

Occupation: Grade School Student

    Akira is the baby of the family. He is a sensitive young man. He is close to Tsukiko. Akira also defends his mama as well. He's not ready for her to date or remarry.

Uma Wantanabe:

Age: 35

Occupation: Stylist

    Uma is Tsukiko's best friend. She is the only human other than her late husband that knows her friend's secret. Uma is a wild woman. She too tries to get her friend a date. Uma says that if she ever has kids, she wants all sons because they are easier to raise. She loves gossip and men.

Ichigo Masaki:

Age: 36

Occupation: Dental Hygienist

    Ichigo is one of Tsukiko's suitors. He is new to Tokyo. This charming man was once from Osaka. All of the women in the dentist office all desire him. But Ichigo only has eyes for Tsukiko. When he learns that his object of affection is a demon hunter, he wants her even more. Ichigo is a pure gentlemen with a strong sense of dignity. He will protect Tsukiko to the very end.


Age: 3,000 (But looks 36)

Occupation: Captain of the Bi-Kaze clan

Weapon: Kantana, fire, and wind

    Rozo is Tsukiko's other suitor. He is arrogant man. He is so sure that he will have Yoko's heart, but he respects Ichigo as rival. Like his rival, Rozo will protect his fair maiden until the very end. He wants to take Yoko back to the Hunter Society forever. Her sons try to defend their mother from this guy. Rozo likes violence from time to time.