Here is the supernatural timeline of the TZA universe.

Creation (BC years-1 AD)
(Birth of the Earth, Life, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Devils, Immortals, and Vampires)

Honey Era (2 AD-1300)
(Blood Wars, birth of Ronahon, and Demimortals)

Black Blood Era (1301-1750)
(Demimortals are persecuted and killed, mystic caste is set up)

Love Buzz Era (1751-1900)
(Tenshi-chi and Oni-chi are born, Mystics and humans can legally marry)

Repression Era (1901-1945)
(Mystic revolution, Virgin curse is established, Titan-chi are born)

Heavenly Era (1946-1970)
(Enlightenment, Elves are discovered, Kamimortals are born, Dead are being raised back again, Wind-Chi are born, and mystic slavery is ended)

Pre-Exile Era (1971-2000)
(World War II, Spirit Wars, Hope destroys time barrier demon,
Artami and Alicia saga is born, Rajin are discovered, Guardians are established, Helen commits suicide, and Helen's descendants are born)

Exile Era (2001-2030)
(Humans are forced out of their homes and have to wander the Earth to reclaim life, Purgatory war, Amadeus dies, time is mixed together,)

Post-Exile Era (2031-2069)
(Spirit Wars spring to life again, Helen's descendants are discovered)

Neo Hoshi Era (2070-Present)
(Present time, mystics and humans live together in harmony, but they have still have big problems)