Theatre History I

Volume One:

Rated: OT

    Chapter one: Tax Day
Bernard needs help with doing his taxes.

    Chapter two: Suga Suga
Bernard meets Joly for the first time.

    Chapter three: Yellow Crush
Kilie discovers that Ben has a crush on her. But, he's kind of nerdy...

    Chapter four: Drunk Mess
Bernard hires an employee while he is drunk.

Volume Two:

Rated: OT

    Chapter five: Wind Up
Joly is hot! And she knows it!

    Chapter six: Fall Out
Bernard and T.R. have a falling out. Kilie goes on a field trip.

    Chapter seven: Writing Festival
The campus prepares for a festival. Bernard deals with the debts of a dead upstairs neighbor.

    Chapter eight: Party Time
Everyone goes out to the party.

Volume Three:

Rated: OT

    Chapter nine: Dead Girl
Bernard remembers a girlfriend he had that died last year. Only, she's not dead...

    Chapter ten: Blue Lines
Someone is pregnant. But who is it?

    Chapter eleven: House Watch
Bernard and T.R. house-sit for the weekend. Kilie has a hellish date.

    Chapter twelve: Copper
T.R. is mistaken for a cop.

Volume Four:

Rated: OT

    Chapter Thirteen: