Bernard O'Neal

Age: 32

    Bernard is the own of Pillow Book on in the Dragon Lotus Distant. He is a loud, smoking, drinking, irresponsible Irishman. The guy is anti-social. Bernard is not really the favorite all of the shop dealers. The staff want to fire him but he's the only one that will run Pillow Book. So there he stays! He is never seen without a glass of wine, a can of beer, or a cigarette in his mouth. The only friends Bernard has are T.R., Kilie, and Joly. He is trying to sleep with Joly.

T.R. Washington

Age: 32

    T.R. is Bernard's best friend and worker around Pillow Book. He is incompliant as all get out! The guy is forever dropping book and losing pens. T.R. used to be an accountant but he quit due to the boredom. Bernard hired him while he was drunk. Kilie and Joly always have his back when he boss tries to abuse him. The guy drinks like a fish. He is like a puppy. T.R. has a thing for the wise Kilie.

Kilie Osborne

Age: 16

    Kilie is a student at Dragon Lotus Academy. She is a close friend of Bernard and T.R. Without her, the boys would be in a total mess. Kilie is the only one of the group who has any good sense what so ever and she's the only one in her school that can stand Bernard. She goes out with many boys and is a straight A student. Plus, Kilie is one of Bernard's top customers.

Joly Osborne

Age: 36

    Joly is Kilie's mother. She is a very hot divorcee. All of the man in Tomoki think that her ex-husband was either stupid, insane, or gay to divorce this hot sexpot. But whatever the reason, they just can't stay away from her. The woman is also enjoying the attention that men are showing upon her. Joly acts wild in public much to Kilie's embarrassment. She knows how Bernard feels about him and strings him along just for fun.

Ben Price

Age: 16

    Ben is one of Kilie's classmates. He has a serious crush on the girl. This pairing could work, but there is one small problem: he's a bit too nerdy for our girl! But the boy tries anyway. (With failed results! X D)