Hisao Suzuki

Age: 18

    Hisao has always had a hard life. His parents pretty much abandoned him. And when they were around, things were pretty ugly. But the young boy dealt with it without any questions and turned to drugs to cope. That all changed when his little sister was born. This was a real eye-opener. Their parents started abusing the little girl. Hisao couldn't take it anyone! So when he became eighteen, the boy packed up, kidnapped his little sis, and ran away from home. Now, Hisao trying to provide a great life for his sister and quit drugs for good.

Amaya Suzuki

Age: 5

    Amaya is Hisao's younger sister. She is the inspiration in her older brother's life. Amaya is the joy in everyone's lives. She only wants Hisao to be happy. "When brother's happy, I'm happy!"

Naomi Fujiwara

Age: 18

    Naomi is Hisao's classmate and crush. She is a sweetheart and cares deeply for Amaya. The girl wants to see Hisao survive and beat the odds. Naomi herself was let alone because her parents were too busy for her. All of the other girls in the class try their best to take good care of her.

Gerald Gilmore

Age: 19

    Gerald is Hisao's best friend. He is an exchange student from America. Gerald tries to help Hisao and Amaya survive by bringing them clothes, food, and other supplies that they need. Hisao reluctantly takes it from his buddy because he feels like he's using his friend. But Gerald doesn't care, he's just happy to help a friend out. He is a free-spirited person.

Miss Harwell

Age: 23

    Miss Harwell is Amaya's teacher. She too cares about the little girl. The woman will risk her job just to help her student and her guardian survive and beat the odds. Miss Harwell is a sweet lady.

Sato Suzuki

Age: 44

    Sato is Hisao and Amaya's father. He doesn't really care about his children. In fact, the man's not even sure that Hisao and Amaya are even his. Sato only wants to drink, do drugs, party, and sleep around with various women. The man now wants to fight his son to get his daughter back. He and his wife do not have a good relationship.

Michiko Suzuki

Age: 40

    Michiko is Hisao and Amaya's mother and Sato's wife. She too just wants to drink, do drugs, party, and sleep around with various men. The women never really wanted children. In fact, she too isn't sure that Sato is their real father. Michiko is now fighting with Sato to get Amaya back from Hisao. She is secretly trying to divorce her husband and get out of Okinawa.