Introductory Computers

Volume One:

Rated: OT

    Chapter One: Exit Inferno
On his 18th birthday, Hisao kidnaps his younger sister, Amaya, and runs away from home to escape their parents.

    Chapter Two: Yard Work
Hisao tries to finds work in order to support Amaya and himself.

    Chapter Three: Guardian Angel
Hisao meets Naomi and falls for her.

    Chapter Four: Hold Me Up
Hisao meets Gerald and befriends him quickly.

    Chapter Five: Miss Sunshine
Miss Harwell, Amaya's teacher, tries to help the girl survive.

    Chapter Six: The Real War Begins
Hisao and Amaya's parents fight to take Amaya back for good. Hisao is prepared to keep his sister.

Volume Two:

Rated: OT

    Chapter Seven: