Auru Sato

Age: 15

    This is our protagonist of our story. Auru is your average high school boy. He does well in school and he well... has really discovered girls. So much that is a completely horny little pervert. But, Auru is still a shy little saint. That was until he caught wind of a new porn shop. The boy then wandered into it and looking around the place. So far, nothing interested him. But then, Auru came to this mysterious room. He quietly opened the door and stepped inside. Auru found himself inside this naughty world where there are rarely any men around. Now, he is on a quest to find the mysterious "Bunny." Every girl he runs into wants to sleep with him.


Age: 16

    Peaches is the female protagonist of the story. She is the young owner of the hotel, Red Light Inn. The girl has a forever hungry libido. Peaches practically wants to sleep with anything with a cock. After all, that's how Red Light Inn operates. The girl was once part of the Sweet Drop convent but she dropped out because she wanted pleasure for herself and not just to give pleasure to the man. Therefore, she has an immortal hate for the sisters of the Sweet Drop convent. Peaches is completely crazy about Auru and clearly doesn't want to share! She is always seen with a bottle of liquor in her soft hands.

Convent Sisters

Ages: 13-47

    The convent sisters are Peaches' biggest rival. They are the image of Domestic House goddesses. The sisters really love men. They all want to keep Auru around the convent forever and treat him like the god they see him as. Their lead is Sister Eglantine. A few of the main sisters are: Hisaye, Fujiko, Lillian, Valentine, and Jazz. They have all shunned Peaches for running away from the convent and thinking independently about sex.

Seven Mistresses

Ages: 20-30

    These ladies are the seven clues to finding the "Bunny." They highly sexual women. Auru has to seduce each one of them in order get information about the "Bunny's" whereabouts. And trust me, it won't be easy!

The "Bunny"

Age: Unknown

    The object of Auru and Peaches' quest. But who and what is she? Well, you'll have to see.

Red Light Inn Girls

Ages: 15-22

    These are the girls that work at Peaches' inn. They do all kinds of "favors" for the guests that come to stay there, paid to or on their own free will. The girls are very loyal to their boss. Peaches treats them all with great kindness and spoils them from time to time.

Venus Maids

Ages: Varies

    The Venus Maids are the various women that Auru runs into on his quest. They all want his body and will do anything to sleep with him. The Venus Maids all get on Peaches' bad side.