Kris Martin

Age: 17

    This is our protagonist of the story. She was once a happy and outgoing girl. But lately, Kris doesn't have life so good at the moment. Her parents are divorcing, her grades suck, and her two best friends are in love with her. But, that's not the worst part! She walks home one day and finds that her teacher is having sex with her older brother! This means war! Kris is going to need all of the help she can get! But, is it all too much for her?

Senta Martin

Age: 21

    Senta is Kris's charming older brother. Out of the kindness of his heart, Senta took custody of his little sister while their parents are divorcing. He is crazy about her teacher. They are currently dating. Senta is only trying to keep the peace between his girlfriend and Kris before things get nastier than they already are. Good luck, buddy!

Professor Michiko Hayami

Age: 23

    Hayami is Kris's Arts and Humanity teacher. The young woman is a complete doll. She is in love with Senta. The two met over the summer. Hayami was coming out of a bad break-up with her last boyfriend. Senta just came into her life like a knight rescuing a princess. And the rest is history. Hayami only hopes that she and Kris could be good friends. But, that does look like a possibility. But, Hayami wouldn't get on making that wish come true.

Drew McBeal

Age: 17

    Drew is Kris's best friend. They have been close for a long time. Now, they are ready to cross into the danger zone. Kris is completely in love with Drew and vice versa to him. But, only three problems stand in the way. Other girls chasing after Drew, shyness of them both, and Addi. But Drew is confident he'll be with Kris in the end. We shall have to see!

Addi Grey

Age: 17

    Addi is Kris's other best friend. They too have been close for a long time. Addi is secretly in love with Kris. Too bad Kris doesn't feel the same! But, that doesn't stop Addi from trying. All she has to do is get Drew out of picture and convince her eye of object to love her back, and she'll be set! Well, good luck baby girl! Drew won't give up that easily!